Rotary Screen

The rotary screen is a drum sieve loaded from inside for separating suspended solids, particles and fibres from liquids, process water and waste water. 

The rotary drum can be equipped with different types of sieves or filters like perforated metal plates, wedge wire screens and fabrics. This leads to a wide range of applications for various types of mediums. 

So it is also possible, for example, to treat hot washing and process water. It can be used as a washing drum for the dewatering of special products as well



  • High throughput in continuous operation
  • Low operating costs because of low energy requirements
  • Low maintenance costs because of a sturdy and high-quality stainless steel design
  • Sieve and filter medium are easily replaceable
  • Gentle separation of solids


The rotary screen can be dimensioned up to a throughput of 3000 m³/h. Optionally the drum can be equipped with an additional inlying nozzle assembly for washing the solids.


Materials stainless steel
Sieve types

perforated metal plate, wedge wire screens, fabric

Alternative materials on req

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