Suspension Magnet

The ferrous metal that is separated from the conveyor belts or from sloping chutes has many uses. These pieces or bits of Iron are also recycled and reused in various other processes. If you have a production unit that needs the items on the feeder to be cleaned and free of any kind of contaminating metal, particularly ferrous metal then we have the solution for you. Our range of magnetic equipment is among the best that is available in the industry. We have a range to suit all kinds of industry requirements and products. The suspended magnet is the most popular for its simplicity in design and its high success rate in eliminating ferrous substances from the feeders or belts. Everything from pieces of iron to ferrous particlesisneatly removed as they pass under the suspended magnet. This not only helps to increase productivity but by using a suspended magnet an assurance of a well sorted product is ensured.

Our suspended magnet is guaranteed to remove every trace of iron from a vibratory feeder, a gravity chute or even from a conveyor belt. Our brand of suspended magnets is popularly used in industries that work with large volumes of stone, slag, and coal, various ores, mineral and even plastic among many others. Remove all trace of contaminating iron from all these products and even from foods like corn, wheat, sugar etc. We have also installed suspended magnets for recycling plants where different metals need to be separated before they are sorted. Industries with hard working machinery that must be regularly cleaned also find that these suspended magnets not only remove residual ferrous matter but also protects the machine and ensure longevity.

We offer you options in magnetic equipment along with the best after sales support. Call or ask for a quote to match your requirement from among our available options.



  • Cement industry
  • Power industry
  • Ore industry
  • Ceramic industry
  • Non-metallic ore industry
  • Metal industry
  • Chemical industry


The suspended magnets are designed exclusively for removal of infrequent tramp iron from material being accepted by conveyor belt, vibratory feeder or gravity chute. The Suspension Magnet is suspended over the material being conveyed.


  • Robust industrial design
  • Manufactured to customer specification
  • Powerful performance due to deep magnetic field
  • Easily installed
  • No power required


Ferrous material is removed and held besides the magnet face Typical applications for the use of Suspension Magnets comprise the removal of iron from Coal, Stone, and Fertilizers, slag, gypsum, ores and similar materials where contamination by tramp iron is occasional. We offer precision engineered suspension magnets that are used for separation of ferrous materials from ores, food grains, refractory material, dyes and many more.

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